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About Us
Union Accessories Limited started its production in January 1999, is a manufacturer of high-quality Woven labels, Woven edge satin ribbon for printed labels, Hangtags, Price tags, Photo card etcetera for 100% export-oriented Garments Industries. We are not only supplying Trims to local Garments but we are also one of the very few Label factories who have Direct Export permission from the Government of Bangladesh. Presently we are exporting Labels & Tags to India, Pakistan, Madagascar, Egypt, Jordan and El Salvador on a regular basis for one of our American Buyers to support their Garments Factories outside Bangladesh.

The woven labels are produced by Jacob Muller electronically controlled Jacquard rapier looms. These looms are considered the Rolls Royce among the narrow fabric weaving looms in the world. To support the production the company has also imported the most sophisticated computer aided Design System “MUCAD” from Switzerland. Presently the company has 11 (Eleven) rapier looms producing Taffeta, Satin and Damask quality Woven Labels.

For label printing we have Flexo, Nylo and automatic Screen-printing machines along with other auxiliary machines to fulfill all types of printing needs of our buyer. We also produce different types of Polyester and Cotton Ribbons, especially for woven edge printed labels for children using Mageba Needle Looms from Germany. This facility gave us the strength and freedom of changing the width, thickness and material composition of ribbon as per buyer’s requirement.

Very recently in August 2019 we have imported brand new 4 colors Komori Offset Printing Machine, Enthrone 29 from Japan. This machine is equipped with CIP-3 software program to synchronize the design color between CTP machine and Offset printing machine. It helps to keep the color consistency for repeat orders.

The company is the only local Label manufacturers of Bangladesh which has successfully completed the factory remediation phase by CAP Closure Verification Visit of Alliance for Bangladesh worker safety on June 2017. The Company is also achieved the social compliance audit requirement of SEDEX, United Kingdom. It is worth mentioning here that we are the nominated Label manufacturer of some renowned American brands like Jordache, U.S. POLO ASSN, Tractor Supply, Love Ellen etc.

The main strength of Union Accessories Limited is its selection and combination of machines and people behind the machines. We are Local Company with high product quality. Bonded warehouse facility has given liberty to our Company to import Papers and yarns directly from abroad as per buyer’s specification. Further, we are in a position to meet the client’s demand at the shortest possible time because we can offer Local Solution for brand identification, at the same time we are highly competitive with any global company.
Mr. Jowher Rizvi

Mr. Ahsan Shahed Khan
Managing Director

Mr. Quaji Fazle Alamgir

Mr. Syed Zaki Haider Rizvi

Mr. Syed Razi Haider Rizvi

Company Policy
  1. The Company does not allow discrimination on grounds of religion, race or color.
  2. The Company does not employ anyone under the age of eighteen years.
  3. The Company provides reasonable medical facility for its employees.
  4. The Company compensates the employees on a fair and timely manner for their services provided for the Company.
  5. All the employees are covered by personal accident insurance policy to the tune of Tk300,000/= (Taka Three hundred thousand) each despite of there rank and status.
Union Accessories Limited is specialized in producing almost every type of Woven and Printed Labels and Hang Tags for 100% export oriented Garments Industries.
Production Capacity
Actual production capacity of Woven Labels depends on size, colors and the pick density of the label. Considering the normal size (i.e. 6 X 2.5 cm) of four colors, our production capacity for Woven Labels are about 15.00 million pieces per month. It may be mentioned here that this unit is also adequately balance with required auxiliary machines to process the labels. i.e. cut-fold, ultra sonic vertical slitting, leaser cutting, starch finishing et cetera.

At present we have 7 different types of Flexo, Nylo and automatic Screen printing machines in our label printing unit. The production capacities of these machines are about 10.00 million pieces per month. There are 4 Ultrasonic Horizontal cutting machines to support the production of printed labels.

Our offset paper printing section is in a position to produce about 30.00 million pieces hangtag of 5”x4” size per month. This figure is conservatively derived because the rated capacity of machine is much higher. Per hour this machine can perform 4 color prints on 13,000 sheets of 28”x22” size. Further, the production capacity of our packaging unit is about 2.00 million pieces of boxes per month either with or without plastic window.